Plan B Services specialise in;

  • Electrical Application
  • Electrical Design - Masterplanning, Underground, Overhead & AS/NZS 3000
  • Developer Project Management
  • Statement of Compliance Management
  • Electrical Consulting
  • Electrical Tendering
  • Asset Recording

Plan B Services can help you with your next project;

  • Residential Development
  • Independent (Retirement) Living
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Powerline Relocation

Electrical Application

Plan B Services manages and facilitates the Electrical Application requirements for your Development throughout all stages, including;

  • Submitting the Electrical Application request to the appropriate Electrical Distribution Network for the Stage/Development.
  • Manage and request the Electrical Supply Offer from the appropriate Electrical Distribution Network for the Stage/Development.
  • Manage the payment process of appropriate electrical fees for the process to commence.
  • Request the electrical design parameters from the appropriate Electrical Distribution Network.

Electrical Design - Master Planning

Plan B Services produce an Electrical Authority (eg: Powercor, Jemena) approved plan for the overall concept of the electrical infrastructure once the development is finalised. The overall plan determines kiosk locations that assist in the planning of the Developments future stages.

Electrical Design - Underground, Overhead

Our electrical design philosophy requires a clear understanding of your project and the environmental, technical, financial and time constraints you are operating within. This ensures a crafted electrical design that is specific to your development requirements and targeted to your key result areas. We encourage strength through simplicity - the resulting design is always more efficient and cost-effective.

Electrical Design - AS/NZS 3000

All electrical circuits that are not owned by electrical distribution companies have to achieve AS/NZS 3000 compliance, administered by the Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector. We have the expertise and capability to design as per these standards ensuring the correct cable sizes, protection systems and switchboards are used in the construction phase.

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Electrical Tendering

We can add real value in the tendering process by writing specifications, short-listing contractors, validating and evaluating tenders. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to critically assess the tender, and make the best long-term decision for your development. Often this work continues through the construction phase.

Developer Project Management

Plan B Services is accredited as an Electrical Authority Project Manager and will undertake the role as required by all Electrical Authorities. Plan B Services is the responsible Project Manager for all of the Electrical Authority documents, design and construction control required to be provided by the Developer to ensure that each stage and/or project conforms to all electrical standards.

Statement of Compliance Management (SOC)

Plan B Services will provide Statement of Compliance Management by providing the following;

  • Ensure all Stage/Development Electrical Authority Contracts have been discharged and finalised prior to the final Electrical Audit is requested.
  • Unlimited Pre Audit Inspections prior to final Electrical Audit is requested.
  • Pre Audit Reports provided to Civil and Electrical Contractors.
  • Management of all required Pre Audit rectifications prior to final Electrical Audit
  • Facilitate and manage the final Electrical Audit Application process.
  • Procurement of all Electrical Documentation to ensure Statement of Compliance is issued.

Electrical Consulting

Independent and innovative advice from experienced engineers and designers, with more than 40 years' experience in the electrical infrastructure industry. We can work with your team during any stage of the planning or implementation process to achieve the best electrical design solutions.

NBN & Communications Infrastructure

Plan B Comms was formed to specialise in and take care or all your NBN & Communication infrastructure requirements. The Plan B Comms team provide:

  • NBN Co Application
  • NBN Co Masterplan
  • NBN Pit & Pipe Design
  • NBN Practical Completion Management
  • As-built plans for approval
  • Private Communication Design
NBN & Electrical, Plan B Services and Plan B Comms together in the one office, and in the one trench. For more information and to speak to the Plan B Comms team call 9501 2055 or visit