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Industry Segments | Plan B Services

Industry Segments

Residential Development

At Plan B Services, we are acutely aware that our ability to fit into your development timeline and provide technically superior, commercially astute solutions can impact on the ongoing progress and ultimate success of your development. As soon as your development plan is finalised, we produce an authority-approved plan for the overall concept of the electrical infrastructure, which determines kiosk outcomes and voltage drop requirements.

Commercial & Industrial Development

Plan B Services has the experience and expertise to produce electrical and lighting designs for any commercial or industrial development venture ranging from the smallest unit developments to major retail or industrial projects. Our ability to design and implement an efficient electrical infrastructure whilst maintaining industry standards is paramount to the best electrical outcome for your development.

Retirement Villages

We understand the new technology required for today's retirement villages, including the latest safety, monitoring and automation systems. Our team is able to incorporate these new methodologies into our electrical designs or, if required, revert to more traditional retirement village services.

Powerline Relocation

Our team has designed and managed various powerline relocation projects for both land developers and local government. Our expertise in producing a range of solution options means our clients can choose the best overall outcome for their development. Our expertise and ability to produce budget estimates when determining the feasibility of relocating powerlines underground is a service often utilised by our clients.